Storytelling Via Blog Means Staying True To Your Voice

This morning I facilitated a brief creative writing workshop to a group of bloggers and social media stars, the Cville Sheblogs group. During the workshop I was reminded how unique bloggers are as a group of writers and storytellers.

Bloggers started writing because they had something they wanted to add to the conversation — a new perspective, a specialty, a different take. Bloggers freely write from their opinions. It this distinctive viewpoint that they must hold on to as their audience grows. After all, a blogger’s readership is drawn to that way of thinking (and writing). Staying true to that voice is key to keeping an audience.

But, as we all do, all bloggers will one day find themselves trying to write for the audience, believing they want to hear something else, rather than writing from their own perspective.

If you are a blogger — for either professional or personal reasons — remember what launched you in the first place. Even if you are blogging for your company, you were chosen for  a reason. Remember it. It will keep you honest.