Positioning, Messaging & Storytelling

Four Leaf Public Relations offers a proprietary Positioning, Messaging & Storytelling Process. We bring our proven methodology and experience to one of the most important things you can do – describing who you are.

Why is Positioning, Messaging & Storytelling important?

Well, people talk. All the time. About everything and everyone. On the phone, on e-mail, in conference rooms, to each other in the hallway, words pass from one person to another without a second thought. They also don’t read like they used to. We skim documents. We look for the pictures and video.

So, your words better count.

Whether you know it or not, when it comes to describing your company or organization, you are delivering messages that set people on a path to either include you or exclude you from their future.

Without proactively choosing one’s language an organization is leaving it up to their employees – or even their customers – to describe the good works and products they offer in whatever way they choose. You wouldn’t leave your finances up to chance, so why treat your reputation that way?

When should I consider Proactive Positioning, Messaging & Storytelling?

Clients and customers, vendors, investors, partners, and employees may be listening, but do they remember what you say?

How much does your company description move people to respond in the way you wish?How many listeners actually say in response to your elevator pitch, tell me more?

The best time to start positioning and messaging work is when you answer the questions above with “I’m not sure.”

As your organization and market grows and changes, you may have found the messages and day-to-day language you use no longer creates the excitement, image, or community and market reputation that it once had. Or, the competition is getting more attention. Perhaps your organization is about to launch a new product or service or make some other significant change in the way you do business.

Regardless of whether messages need refreshing or developed from scratch, proactive positioning and messaging will help you rise above the competition, bring customers closer to you faster, and enhance your image. Ultimately, with powerful messages, you will find yourself moving nearer to the place you wish to be.

What is the Four Leaf process?

The Four Leaf method is a proprietary technique that involves a series of facilitated meetings with an organization’s leadership over several weeks in addition to background and intelligence-gathering about the organization, its market and its customers to help set the stage for educated message development.

The process is methodology-driven and tested and culminates in a customized guide. The guide includes strategies for positioning the organization in the marketplace, language defined for various uses, a plan for strategic, consistent use of messages and ideas for roll out.

What is the outcome of the Four Leaf method?

Four Leaf’s process provides leaders with the tools necessary to ensure an organization is positioned correctly and powerfully to the marketplace, media, staff, community leaders, investors, strategic partners, vendors, and potential and existing clients and customers. It also brings consensus to employees, senior management, business units and divisions about where the organization is and where it is headed. At the end of the process, you and your people will have a clear understanding about how to talk about the group and be armed with an arsenal of messages to use − key to creating a strong brand.

Dozens of corporations, non profits and other organizations having undergone Four Leaf’s Positioning and Messaging process over the last several years. Call Suzanne Henry today to see how our work can help you get closer to your business objectives.

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