Your Vision: The First Step in the Modern Communications Plan

Just like you wouldn’t go on vacation without knowing your destination, you shouldn’t launch any communications effort without knowing where you’d like to land. This is at the heart of Your Vision.

We suggest one line or up to one paragraph that shows how you want the organization, its work and its people to be known at some point in the future. Often we ask our clients these questions to help them identify their vision:

  • In five years, where do you want this organization to be? Get specific from number of employees (if any), products launched, services rendered, legacy left behind, market share and position, and even your size.
  • If you meet your business and communication goals, what will exist? In other words, what do you want to leave behind when your communications effort and projects are complete?
  • How will your target audiences be better off when you reach your goals? What problems will you have solved in five years because you succeeded?

Having a solid vision statement will help everyone keep their eyes on the prize, as the cliché goes. Without one, you could find yourself being pulled in directions that lead to nowhere.

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