5 Things To Do When You Are Too Busy To Communicate

You haven’t heard from us in a while. We have been so busy with client work (Hello, Fall!) that blog entry writing, touching base with potential clients, networking and all the things people like me tell you to never, ever stop doing, stopped for us. Just call us the Cobbler’s kids. But, that’s no excuse. Here are 5 things to do when you believe you are too overwhelmed with “real” work to keep the marketing communications machine going.

1. Do not open your e-mail first thing in the morning. Rather, go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or [insert communications vehicle of choice other than email) and post one line about why you are so busy. Done? (Okay, you can open your email inbox now. Once that Pandora’s box is open, it’s all over.)

2. With every customer or client you have, the next time you talk with them end your phone call or email with a thank you for allowing you to serve them. It’s a simple thing, but can be a powerful touch point right in the thick of frenzied activity.

3. At the end of the official work day, send an e-mail to thank someone who works with you for being there during a very busy time. These small acknowledgments can be the difference between someone wanting to work with you again during a particularly harried time or not.

4. Ask yourself who are the most important people to keep lines of communications open with today. Not everyone needs attention immediately. Limit your phone calls, emails, texts and posts to those who need to hear from you in that 24 hour period. (But, be cautious about putting tier 2 and 3 groups off forever. At some point they need to rise to the top or be cut loose forever.)

5. Increase the speed with which you communicate. Choose the fastest way to talk or write. Hey, it might be 140 characters on Twitter – or not. How can you get across what you need to in the fastest, most efficient way and not just your favorite or the way you’ve always done it? Sometimes talking live is the way to go. Remember the phone?

Also, remember that no communication is communication. You are telling people by your silence that they are not immediately important to your work and life.  Know how long you can live in the void before damaging your image and reputation.

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