What Does a PR Person Do All Day?

The PR person’s job is probably one of the most misunderstood jobs of all. No, we don’t go to parties every night, we don’t “spin” tall tales to reporters, and we don’t slap backs at fundraisers and festivals to appear part of the “in” crowd (though we aren’t above shaking hands and introducing ourselves to anyone we feel needs to hear our clients’ stories). The other day I decided to log a day-in-the-life of a PR person, namely my day. Here is what it looked like:

In one day, between reading, sorting and replying to no less than 75 e-mails and receiving several phone calls, I:

  • Started a PR plan for a client’s new communications program.
  • Wrote a script for a workshop I was to co-deliver with a client on the new messaging we helped them craft.
  • Held 2 one-hour conference calls with 2 separate clients – one to strategize on an upcoming event and the other as part of our monthly check-in how things are going.
  • Had coffee with someone wanting to get into PR.
  • Took a quick, 30 minute peek at Twitter-Facebook-Pinterest-RSS feeds.
  • Wrote a press release, including having 2 phone calls with the client to “get it just right.”
  • Talked with 3 reporters, requesting one correction and setting up two interviews.
  • Counseled  one of my consultants about a media strategy that wasn’t going well.
  • Developed a report for a client’s upcoming Board of Director’s meeting.
  • Completed a message “audit” of one (out of 6) competitors for a client in preparation of an upcoming messaging session.

In essence, I wrote, researched and talked all day with a focus on preparing and getting out client’s stories to the right people, with a little bit of smoothing wrinkled brows when things didn’t go as planned. Not exactly a party, but rather what it takes to make progress in the game of influencing.


  • Maie Behery April 10, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Hi, I need some guidance regarding how to start PR career. I´m 24 years (Egyptian girl), and I have absolutely zero experience/education in PR. However, I have been working in the HR field as well as a bit of events organization. But, I have always wanted to become a PR person.
    Do you have any tips/ideas on how to kick-start my career in the grueling PR field?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Suzanne Henry April 13, 2015 at 10:19 am

      Maie, I recommend you get an internship in a PR agency or in a communications-related field. The basic skills required included a command of language, high writing skills, good people skills (i.e. being able to articulate your ideas and engage people over email, phone, social media and in person), and a desire to learn. I could write a coffee table tome on “how to get into PR.” But there are some basics for you. Best of luck!

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