Suzanne Henry Lends Her Creative Writing Expertise to Blogville 2012

April 25, 2012 – Charlottesville, VA – Suzanne E. Henry, an award-winning communications consultant, today shared her tips, tricks and secrets to overcoming writer’s block and fatigue to a gathering of local bloggers at the 2012 Blogville annual event, hosted by Cville Sheblogs, a Charlottesville-based blogging community group.

“As someone who needs to produce content daily, I have had my share of ‘hitting the wall’ when writing,” said Suzanne Henry, who has been a professional communicator and writer for 27 years. “But, any writer can find themselves with a case of writer’s block, whether they are someone who has to write for business or pleasure.”  She added, “blog writing is special, too. It’s relentless.”

Suzanne shared many of her favorite exercises collected from her many years of studying with writing masters, from her university days as an English and mass communications student to Grammy-award winning Rosanne Cash and screenwriting master Robert McKee.

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