Who Is Going To Implement Your Shiny New Communications Plan?

For the last few weeks, we’ve explored all the parts of today’s communications plan. As a plan is developing, we find somewhere around the strategy and tactical section a familiar feeling begins to set in. Panic. Who is going to do all this?

So, before you begin to launch a new plan (or sell it to the upstairs), be sure you know who (and how) you can enlist the help and support of others.

A former boss of mine once said “marketing is everybody’s job.” I submit communications is, as well. Everyone needing to be on the same page around messaging the organization or project is obvious. But, developing content, agreeing to agree on the “we won’t” list and the main communications channels you’ll focus on are less evident but equally important. Be sure to share your plan with a core team of fellow stakeholders. Focus on getting them excited about what can be accomplished with everyone’s input and contributions. Then, be sure to get their commitment to do something. A few ideas for getting buy-in and commitment:

  • Invite a larger group to go through media and presentation training to prepare them for what is possible.
  • Train people in social media to get them excited about the possibilities (and get them off on the right foot).
  • Consider developing an editorial calendar and “offering” an opportunity to own a topic or category: they develop content, help share it on various channels, and provide further ideas for distributing the message.
  • Ask people to share specific content or stories among their own channels. So, in other words, ask them to retweet, repost, start a discussion and more within their own networks.
  • Be sure to share communication “wins,” such as media hits, speaking engagements and more with the entire organization.

These are just a few ways to share the communications load. But regardless of how you enlist help, be sure to get it before you launch a new communications effort.

Anything to add to the list above?


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