The New, Progressive “About Us” Page Uses Storytelling

Every Web site has an “About Us” page. Most follow the formula of opening with a corporate boilerplate or brief description, a list of key personnel, and contact information. It sometimes has the dreaded online form, which no one believes will ever reach a real person. And, perhaps the latest press release announcing the organization’s latest greatest work achievement will be posted. In other words, a static web page that does little to differentiate them from others, tell a compelling story or entices the viewer to actually learn something memorable.

However, a few progressive organizations are using their About Us page to share the story of who they are, where they come from, and what makes them special. A few examples:

  • Techsquare. They talk about their origins, the “priesthood,” the kind of people you’ll find at the company and more. They even interject a human voice. Check out their history section for a great example of telling the most important parts of your history without writing a coffee table tome.
  • Bentley. Their descriptions are the closest thing you’ll get to feeling the wind in your hair when driving a Bentley. Their passion shines in their About Us page, telling readers exactly what they stand for and what is important to them.
  • IndieBride. While this About Us page is a little “in your face,” organizations would do well to identify their voice as strongly as the author of this web page.

A quick Google search of  best About Us pages will point you to many more. Take an objective look at your About Us page. What is it saying to potential customers? Does it tell a story? Or just give basic facts leaving the readers to draw their own conclusions?

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