What is Organizational Storytelling Anyway?

There is much talk about how organizations and businesses should use the storytelling technique to get across their vision, mission and service offerings to the public in a more meaningful and successful way. But, what are we talking about anyway? What exactly is organizational storytelling?

Simply put, I would say organizational storytelling is telling your audience something, in a narrative form, that evokes emotion, connection, understanding and action.

It is not messaging.
It is not discourse.
It is not debate.
It is not exposition.

Think about the last new person you met who really interested you. This would be someone who talked to you about something that caused you to really listen. And, perhaps you even walked away with a different viewpoint or new idea. At the very least, you probably added to your bank of understanding. From there, your actions will never be the same again. Knowledge cannot be undone. That person likely told you a good story.

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