Is Organizational Storytelling a Fad?

I’ve been in the communications field for 27 years. I’ve seen all the fashions come and go. First, there was corporate speak. (Think Mad Men, where the old boys’ network and the Ivy League degrees caused people to listen.) Then, dot-com speak. (Think “mission-critical, 24/7 value proposition” messaging -nonstop). Then, social media speak. (Think soundbites. About everything such as “I just ate a tuna fish sandwhich.”) Today we are coming full circle to return to an ancient form of communication that actually never went out of style. That’s storytelling.

Corporate or organizational storytelling uses the technique of using narrative that evokes an emotional response from its audience. And, in today’s information superload world, it is turning out to be the best way to get your targets to listen and remember you.

Storytelling is now the cool kid on the block for two simple reasons: 

  • The re-introduction of the power of individuals in communication
  • The increasingly noisy and data-packed world in which we live

With the change in “who’s in charge” around communication (thank you, social media) the corporate veil has dropped to show the people behind the magic. And, with real people come some very real needs – to be heard and to make a difference. People also are the heart of all organizations (not to mention news stories), so keeping them interested means talking about them or other people for relevance.

Additionally, the noise level has risen. Did you know we consume 174 newspapers’ worth of data a day (compared to just two and a half pages 24 years ago)? And, we produce the equivalent of six newspapers a day? That’s a lot of stuff. 

These two characteristics of our changing world – people taking control of communication and the increase in information coming at us all the time – is why I believe we have a resurgence of using storytelling techniques to our professional lives. Because, let’s face it, hearing “let me tell you a story,” is far more interesting than “let me tell you about our services.”

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