First Questions to Answer Before Crafting your Business Narrative

Before determining your company’s story or messages, consider asking yourself three basic questions:


1. Why am I thinking about my message or my story? When a business leader begins to question the message the organization is sending, it usually is because something is not right. The competition might be getting more attention. Customers may be acting confused or not acting at all. Or, employees are sending multiple and/or conflicting messages to customers and stakeholders. Identifying “what is wrong with this picture?” is an important step toward a solid business narrative.


2. What do I want my audience to do? Do you know what action you are seeking from customers or other stakeholders? Buying your product or service isn’t always the answer. Having customers refer you to colleagues and friends might be a goal. Or, have current customers buy more might be the objective. If you don’t know the reaction you are trying to illicit, then neither do your customers or potential customers when they hear about you.


3. How much do I know about my audience?  Most business leaders pride themselves on knowing exactly who they are trying to reach, what moves them, and their pain points. But, if you aren’t regularly checking in with your target audience, you don’t know enough about them. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the people in the world are being pushed, pulled and influenced along with it. Seeking more information about your customers should be an ongoing activity. You will then know what they need to see, hear and experience from your story.

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