One Basic Positioning and Message Process. Use, Copy, Consider…

We are committed to better storytelling for and by everyone, so we are freely sharing some of our Four Leaf positioning and messaging processes.

Many methods exist for companies and organizations to craft their stories and narratives. Below is one simple course that can put order to the process of developing more powerful messaging.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss various parts of this process in more detail. But, for now, consider asking are your messages working for you? When was the last time you took a deep dive into your messaging? And, when you did were your decisions based on research, analysis, anecdotal evidence or your gut feelings?

Positioning & Messaging: One Basic Process

Step one: The Internal Look. Who are you and what do you believe?

  • Conduct a current message audit. What are you currently saying or sharing with your audiences?
  • Engage in a self perception analysis. What do you believe, think and know about yourself?

Step two: The External Look. What does your audience hear or see? What are you up against? What is the noise we are trying to cut through?

  • Conduct a competitive message analysis. Who or what is your audience choosing over you and why? What are they saying that is so compelling?
  • Engage in target audience research. Who are your customers, anyway? What do they think or know about you?

Step three: Message Development. Develop a series of messages in a planned message summit or series of meetings, including:

  • Target audience description
  • Concept pyramid (What are you trying to get across and what are the priorities?)
  • Good word, bad word list (What words do you always want associated with you? Which ones, not so much?)
  • Positioning statement
  • Elevator pitch/10 second story
  • Tag line
  • Power bites. (Answers to the top 10 questions you know you’ll get asked.)
  • 3 Take-away statements
  • Corporate boilerplate
  • Value messages

Step four: Testing and refreshing. Spend a few weeks testing your messages with trusted and loyal customers. Do they resonate or fall flat? Revise as necessary.

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