Buzzwords and Blarney in Company Messages

Mynt Public Relations posted recently on the many “buzzwords” that too many public relations folks just can’t seem to let go of.

I would add a word to the list: delighted. This is especially true if is used in a quote. CEO Big Wig is delighted to announce….

(Full disclosure: You  may find press releases online with my name attached that use some of these words. Between client’s insistence and my own lack of time now and again, you will see that even the pros some time can’t get away from the blarney.)

But, at Four Leaf Public Relations we are working on getting away from using the tired old jargon.

What makes a buzzword? A word that has lost all its power due to overuse. Like the song that is played on the radio time and again, words that once held meaning no longer sound authentic when used. For instance, the word “solutions.” If you announce you are an integrated [[insert whatever]] solutions provider, what does that mean really? Other typically overused words include excellent, leader, and master.

What is your least favorite buzzword?

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