Investing In Your Corporate Language: Priceless

Under the umbrella of “things we wish every company would do” is proactively spending time (and not just two hours during a board meeting) selecting the language they will use when describing themselves. Developing an elevator pitch, an organizational story, and top level messages are just as important strategic actions as designing a financial strategy. Sound like strong medicine?

Right this very minute, words are crossing hallways, being flung over board room tables, getting sent via Twitter and Facebook, being left on voice mail messages, and being printed and copied.

Apparently people like to talk so much they need many words, nuances, and options to hone their thoughts, beliefs and ideas. According to the Global Language Monitor, it is estimated more than one million words exist in the English language alone. (According to this group, the English Language adopted its millionth word to our speech on June 10, 2009 at 10:22 a.m.)

Today everyone in a company has the option of delivering those words and messages on your behalf (Hello, social media!), impacting your brand, your narrative and your relationships with customers, vendors, partners, investors and other stakeholders. Would your associates choose the same words as you – from the million or so available to them – when it comes to describing your company? How much thought have you given to your messaging, really?

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